Saturday, July 23, 2011

A new beginning!! :-P


Assalamualaikum... :-)

Wargh!! Its been a long time since the last time i open and post something to the blog.. Hehehe.. Miane.. Busy with all the work as the politeknik student.. Ok! Forgot to tell that i already continue my study at Politeknik Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah.. Its already been 3 weeks.. Hmm... So much things to tell but i dont know how to tell you all.. The reason that i wrote this entry in english is because my english lecturer, Madam Nadiah ask us to communicate in english more.. :-) miane if my english bad.. I think that i should tell a little about my classmate..

Hmm.. As you all know that mechanical engineer are always full with men.. So that goes same to my class.. I in DKM 1A and have 42 student in that class including me.. We have 13 girls and 29 boys.. That make my class have more girls than the other 3 classes.. My penasihat akademik a.k.a PA is Pn Zetty.. Owh! Forgot to say that i in the same class with my two bestfriend, Khairunnisa a.k.a Nisa and Muhammad Nazreen a.k.a Yen.. Most of my classmate are from Kedah.. I also have a classmate from Labuan, Sabah and Terengganu.. Farizal is the guy from Labuan.. He so cute and adorable but a shy person.. The guy from Terengganu is Shukri.. He is tall and not a talkative person.. He love to be in his own world..

Overall that my life there a little bit difficult but i'm happy because got so many friend that always cheer me up with their own ways and character.. Hmm.. So many things to learn and to do.. Hmm.. I wish that i can go back to high school life.. Miss that time so much.. Hehehe.. I'm start to talk about the past.. I'm so sorry.. :-S I think that all for today.. I promise to tell more next time if i not busy.. Miane if this post have no paragraph because i wrote it using the phone.. :-(

Got to go now.. Saranghae.. Means love you.. Miane means sorry.. Both of them are korean word.. Good night.. Annyeong!! *bows* B-)

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  1. selamat memulakan episod baru dlm hidup anda cik aina :)